Painterly Seascapes with Marguerite Beneke

Painterly seascapes with enamels is Marguerite’s latest online video tutorial where she demonstrates her easy step by step painting techniques on how to create beautiful sky, sea, wave and beach scenes. The video tutorial consists of 9 modules with over 100 minutes viewing time. Watch at your own leisure and learn at your own pace. In this tutorial Marguerite demonstrates how to measure and mix the perfect enamel paint consistency and share her whole seascape colour blending range. The video has 5 different projects that includes beautiful atmospheric skies, movement in the sea, close up waves and a small-scale jewelry pendant seascape scene.
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Our students love us

I saw Marguerite’s Painterly Seascapes work and was immediately mesmerized. I purchased the tutorial and I am just LOVING it. She provides such great instruction, details and demo videos so that even someone like me, who has never painted, can learn. Her kind and thoughtful approach to her teaching makes you feel comfortable immediately and makes you want to practice and learn her techniques. While it does take a bit of practice, like any other skill, she has everything laid out so that it is easy to follow for anyone of any skill level. Thank you Glass eMotions for working with Marguerite to offer such an amazing program!.
Steph - july 2020
Her teaching technique is unique. She is alway available if you have any questions. Plus the group you get to join on Facebook is so helpful. Marguerite is one of a kind. So glad I found her. My level of painting has really stepped up from her easy to follow instructions.
Alice degraff - july 2020
The very best thing about the videos are the fact that you do not need to be a painter. Marguerite makes it simple to understand the ways to use your brush and how to blend the enamels to create stunning works of art. Most of this can be applied to any type of enamel painting which is quite refreshing. Besides the video and pdf, Marguerite is extremely helpful in the closed FB group for buyers of the video as well as doing extra live videos and taking questions. If you’re wanting to give enamels a try, this is clearly one of the best video courses you can buy.
anne hertz - july 2020
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